Stranded Without A Phone is a desert island survival game set in the Space HoRSE universe. Four passengers on a space ship were on a mission to colonize a new planet when the ship crash landed on a planet that is almost completely covered by ocean. You are the only survivor - an upper-management executive from the Decoo corporation, the company that sponsored the original mission.

Now you must use your survival skills to stay alive long enough to get rescued. Build shelter, find food and drink, and collect salvageable parts from the wreckage that wash ashore. Use the parts to build a space radio and call for a rescue team to win the game.

Search for natural resources, then use them to create other items using various combinations.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):


  • Familiar RPG-style inventory system.
  • Over 80 different items.
  • Randomly generated map with each new game.
  • Day/night cycle.
  • Boar bow hunting.
  • Available in English, Japanese, and Russian.


  • Search dirt areas for small boulders to build a fire pit.
  • Use coconuts as an immediate source of nutrition and hydration, but also find fish in shallow water.
  • Boar meat provides the best nutrition and health.
  • Search beaches often for useful items from the shipwreck.
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