The Pantheon Cycle: Shrouded Aspect
  • "This game has a lot of strategic depth... Everything is being far from generic... you really feel that the devs had their fun creating this. The clear and crisp graphics fits perfecly, as well as the crystal clear soundtrack and the sound effects. There is animated water, smoking chimneys, nice background sound fx and the hex fields are designed well - the game doesn't feel static (for a turn-based game), it feels alive.

    Everything is held together by the thoughtful and good controls... it is absolutely easy to navigate everything, you'll learn it within minutes at the tutorial.

    I really like the art and the gameplay, this is a title well worth 5 bucks for all you turn-based strategy fans - but that didn't mean that other people should avoid the game. Have a look and try it out, you might be surprised."

  • "This is a good game, and it is a 'proper' game. Given time it might prove itself to be a Very good game. Definitely worth the price of admission folks."

  • "I am really impressed with the graphics... So many games are overloaded with stuff they doesn't need. This one is straight to the point - showing everything I need and although the graphics aren't the worlds best (I doubt that this is possible when you don't have Gamelofts resources) the art between the levels is still outstanding and in combat, everything is clear, crisp and well-drawn. I can slide over the (huge) battlefields and notice everything within seconds.

    The animations of the water or smoke, for example, are letting me forget that the field is static. Everything is readable without problems and all the little graphical details are letting me enjoy the game without distracting me. And the devs have quite some love for these athmospheric details."

  • "The game is wooow..."